Selfies Do Not Have to Suck

What if I told you that the all-too-common Facebook selfie does not have to suck? You’re probably rolling your eyes. You’re probably even laughing out loud. You’re probably thinking, “Well, selfies have to suck because people are basically stuck with some sort of narrow range of selfie expression or selfie poses.” In fact, you can even argue that there is some sort of selfie culture or selfie artistic style.

If you come up with a selfie that is really artistic, formal, dignified, and poised, then somehow, someway it kind of goes against the “industry standard” or the expectations regarding selfies. Normally, it’s not a selfie that you would publish. Who knows what it is, but in classical terms, or at least in terms of conventional thinking, it is not a selfie.

It’s easy to understand why people think this way. The bar has been set so low, as far as the photographic artistry of selfies are concerned, and we really don’t have any standards. Instead, we just focus on the immediacy and on the fact that the person who posted this material is a good friend of ours. We make ourselves content with the emotional bond, but as far as artistry and the ability to be moved or be inspired by personal art, we pretty much kick that to the curb. We swipe that under the rug because at the end of the day, Facebook is just supposed to be a social networking platform. It’s supposed to be just friends checking each other out, encouraging one another, and the whole nine yards.

Well, stop giving yourself excuses because your selfie, just like everything else that you do, like buying pants, getting your hair cut, putting on make-up, wearing accessories, getting tattoos, or losing weight, is really a reflection of who you are. What people can see and readily perceive from the outside is just the tip of the iceberg. Those things come from somewhere and that somewhere of course, is your mind.

Your values run the show. You may not want to admit this and you may want to run away from this, but this is the truth. If you publish crappy selfies, it reflects your values, it reflects the way you think and how you value yourself. Please understand the situation from that perspective. This is why a little bit of attention to detail and a little bit of photographic mastery can go a long way in truly, adequately, authentically, and honestly reflecting who you are.

At the end of the day, we’re all values that are manifested in bodies. Our values determine how much money we have, it determines how fit we are, it determines the kind of people we hang out with, and most importantly, it determines the kind of people we imagine ourselves to be. These values are not neutral, they are chosen, they are picked up somewhere, and they are learned behavior.

So please do yourself a favour, stop excusing yourself from cranking out one worthless selfie after another. Understand what’s at stake here. Understand where this is coming from. It really is an expression of who you are deep down inside. Make it count. Make it reflect who you think you are. You see how this works? Selfies do not have to suck if you put in the right amount of time and attention to detail. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.