This website is really a labor of love. I don’t want to sound cynical here, but let me anticipate what you’re about to say. You’re probably saying, “Yeah, right.” I mean, most other websites on the internet are labors of love because people who put them up probably have jobs, families to attend to, and a life to live. They’re definitely not doing it because they have nothing else better to do. I get that. I understand that. That is reality. That’s sincere and authentic, but please understand that photography is a very intimate art.

When you take a picture, you’re not just documenting what happened. You’re not just collecting a series of stimuli arranged in a certain way and at a certain time to produce a certain range of effects. You’re doing something more. You’re doing an exploration of the interaction between people, their reality and their inner world. I’m trying to steer clear of religious or metaphysical components here, but that’s not really entirely avoidable because at the end of the day, humanity is worth more than the sum of its physiological components.

I guess what I’m saying is that your consciousness is actually more than just you seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and sensing the world around you. It involves valued judgements and it involves a certain mindset that acts as filter to what would otherwise be a neutral stimulus. You yourself, give meaning to the things that you perceive.

Let us take two people walking past a building that’s on fire. One person chooses to think of the most negative things. How do you think that person would act? It would not be a surprise if that person would freak out and run around like a headless chicken. That kind of behavior and mindset would be of no help to anybody and it will only make things worse for everybody concerned.

Now, the other person walking past the same scene has this mindset that everything is solvable and everything has a certain context and sequence. The likelihood of that person to be calm and collected actually is quite high. He can calmly and pleasantly take care of the emergency before it gets any worse. Do you see the impact of mindset?

This mindset also applies to photography. It’s not just a matter of taking shots at the right time, it really all boils down to something deeper, personal, authentic, and intimate. A lot of those judgements and assessments are really rooted into one’s attitude and the way one looks at life, not just based on how things are, but ultimately, on how things should be.

With this perspective, was born. It really tried to get to the root of what it is about French photography that makes it so compelling as well as what’s so peculiar about the French way of taking photographs from all over the world that makes it so awesome to talk about. These are the questions that we deal and engage with every single day at

Welcome to our website! Make yourself at home. Feel free to reach out to all the other French photography fans in our forums and let’s get an authentic conversation going. Now, believe me, a lot of the things that people talk about may not exactly make us smile. A lot of the things that we’re talking about may not even seem all that welcome, but a little bit of authenticity and sincerity can definitely go a long way.