Nowadays mobile devices not only serve to make calls and send messages, but they are also essential to keep us informed, access stores and also pay for services. Thus, Mobile phones have become the most crucial part of our life. If any time you find yourself with the desperation of losing your phone accidentally, do not worry, the first thing that you should do is report to the telephone operator. If you have activated the GPS location of the device, there are more chances to recover it using the mobile locator. Different mobile locators work on different technique but the most commonly used one is tracking using the GPS signal. You can also track the location of the phone using the cellular network. To know more about the functioning of the mobile location trackers, you can visit

Tracking techniques used by the mobile locator

The main processes handled by the mobile locator are based on 3 methods which include tracking WIFI connections, GSM network, and GPS location. It will depend on which software you use, but generally, they all work under GPS tracking. The connection with the lost mobile is achieved through the Location function which must be kept on as a method of prevention for those unexpected moments.

Conditions to locate the mobile 

Every day new programs and applications are created to locate the mobile phones. But for a customer, it is very important to verify before buying any such applications or service which can effectively be the solution you have. Few more conditions to locate the mobile are-

  • Correct operation of the system – Compatibility is the main thing you should evaluate when searching for a mobile locator.
  • Activate GPS location – If the GPS location feature is not enabled, there are tools capable of activating it through remote access via the Google account registered on the device.

Functions of the mobile locator- 

  • Interactive map – The mobile locator offers the exact location and displays it in the map, generally highlighting with a point, the current location of the device.
  • Attention alarm – Some other applications can serve at those times to activate an alarm at maximum volume which may sound if the device is silent.
  • Unknown user detection – Other options include built-in intrusion detection functions. For example- when the device registers a number of mistakes when entering the unlock pattern, it starts taking pictures with the front camera and stores them in the memory of the location.
  • Spy microphone – You can also record the sounds of the environment through the microphone, with keywords entering in a text message, immediately the mobile can enter high-security mode and capture the moment without anyone being able to see the screen of the device.

Why use Mobile Locator?

The mobile locator is a must for every cell phone user. It becomes more beneficial for the parents if they want to track the location of their children or if your device has been stolen, the mobile locator application would be very useful for you.