There are several types of vehicles that are used by people for different purposes. For all the types of vehicles, its engine is very important part. Hence, the maintenance of engine is also very necessary. Most of the vehicles are having thermostatic air intake system which regulates the temperature of air entering in the engine’s intake tract. The temperature of the engine is also regulated by the intake air according to its functioning, efficiency, and fuel economy. The main purpose of best cold air intake is cooling of the air at its higher density for good performance of the engine.

Different types of air intake systems

There are different types of air intake systems that are available in the market to regulate the temperature for the engine to boost its performance:

Short pipe intake – Usually, this intake is short in its design and includes aluminum pipes and filters that offer high flow. This air system improves the flow of air in the engine of your car and which helps to make your engine more powerful.

Cold air intakes – In this, air intake system takes the air from a space that is quite away from the car’s engine. It includes a longer pipe that pulls the air from an open space which is surrounded by the wheel well and front bumper. It allows burning less fuel but delivers more power.

Ram air intake – It is similar to the cooler air intake system but it has a collector which pushes the outer air into the car’s engine. A ram-air intake kit consists of a high flow air filter, a pipe that intakes air from inside the front part of the car’s bumper and a collector to push the air into the car’s intake.

Why replace your vehicle’s air intake system?

There are many reasons to replace the old air intake system with a new air intake system. It maintains the temperature of the engine of your vehicle to make it perform well and safely. Here are some of the reasons to replace the old air intake system of your vehicle:

Increases acceleration – Air intake system increases the engine’s performance when speedy acceleration is required because there is more air available and ready to burn the fuel. With aftermarket intake, the engine can reach the desired speed.

Greater fuel economy – The mixture of the fuel and air creates the explosion that powers your vehicle. When the engine does not pump enough air then vehicle consumes more gas to compensate for the lack of oxygen. Pumping of more air can save on fuel expenses for the vehicle owners.

More effective filters – Stock air intakes are available with the most standard vehicles that have disposable paper filters to catch the debris. It not only collects the debris but also intakes more air inside the engine. These filters can be replaced at a certain time to maintain your vehicle.

Better your performance – When you change the intake air system of your vehicle then the performance of your vehicle also increases. Intake of air increases the efficiency, sound, power, and speed of your vehicle. It also improves the performance of your engine. Air intake system helps you to maintain your vehicle. It depends on you which type of intake you should choose for your vehicle to improve the functioning of your vehicle.