A logo can do a lot of wonder to every business who spend the time to create it. You don’t even have to spend too much money to have a logo to represent your business because there are lots of 100 percent free logo maker that you can use. The only challenge you have to face in designing your brand logo is how it can affect your target buyer’s decision in availing of your products and services.

Believe it or not, there’s a psychological effect on the buyer’s decision just by seeing your company logo. Every color, shape, size, font style, font size, spacing etc. have a big impact on the kind of image that your company wants to project. That’s why it has to go careful consideration before you post it online.

What points to consider when designing your company logo?


The shape of the logo is not just geometrical shapes. It has meanings. If you want to represent a community or some sense of equality and continuity, the best shape to choose is the circle. Companies whose mission-vision are associated with law, power, and justice choose the triangle shape to convey relationship just like trinities. To express rationality and logic, the appropriate shape to use is a rectangle, while the square symbolizes fairness.

2. Color

There’s a psychology behind every color. It can invoke the emotions of the people who can see it because primary colors represent a certain emotion. For instance, yellow can be attributed with happiness and energy; red with passion and anger; green with vitality; blue is associated with calmness and trust; while purple infers luxury and eccentricity.

3. Font style / Typography

People will see how serious you are with the type of font you’re going to use with your logo. To make sure you’re not going anywhere than your company goal, pick among the four standard typography for your logo. These are:

Serifs – If you are aiming for a classic and elegant logo design, the serifs font is the best typography to choose. It gives off an impression of sophistication in your logo design.

Sans serif – this is the simple and clean version of the serifs that provides an impression of modernity and minimalism.

Scripts – Scripts is used if you wanted to give a kind of personal touch to your logo – the same effect when you’re writing a personal letter to a friend or loved one.

Display fonts – this kind of typography is used if you want to show extravagance and luxury.

4. Spacing

The spacing in every element of your logo matters. Putting a lot of elements in your logo will only make it look cluttered and disorganized. In creating your logo, it is best to think carefully what elements to put in your logo in order to avoid misleading your customer or give an impression that you’re not serious with your business.