During the time of summer and spring, you want to go fishing or enjoy the boat party. For your boat, it is very important to have the best marine batteries. They help in working with all essential electronic equipment like GPS, light, radio communication and depth finder. It is very important to know what type of battery is essential for your boat.

Different types of batteries used in boats

Cranking battery – This battery is used to start heavy-duty boats but it is not reliable for a long day run. Radio and other electrical equipment cannot run properly on this type of battery. This type of battery should be used in those boats, which are being used in morning fishing only.

Deep cycle – It provides both low and high rate of energy to any boat. These are the most reliable types of batteries that are used in boats. The cost of maintenance is very low and the deep-cycle battery has a long running life. You can easily use different electrical devices like GPS, radio and depth finder with this battery. Some best deep cycle marine battery that you can use nowadays include flooded and gel battery.

Different parts of a marine battery

  • Lead plates are the most important part in any battery. They are submerged in the electrolyte which stores the energy for further use.
  • The electrolyte is the sulfuric mixture of acid and water which basically covers the lead plates. It helps in charging of other elements in the battery.
  • Cap covers are also one of the most important elements in any battery. These covers protect the distilled water in the battery which is used to maintain the electrolyte level.
  • The case is another part which is used to cover lead plates and electrolytes. The case has to be very strong and durable.

How you can get the most from your batteries?

  • Always make sure that your battery connections are clean and well maintained. The connection will ensure proper charging and output of your battery.
  • It is very important to keep your battery compartment proper ventilated. It will prevent battery explosions.
  • If you want optimal performance from your boat, then you should stick to one battery type.
  • You should turn off or isolate your battery if you are leaving your boat for a long period of time. It will save the battery from any parasitic loads.
  • Regular service and check-up of your battery are very important. It will highlight any problem and it can save a lot of time and battery expenses.

For how many years marine battery can last?

This is the very first question that comes to your mind before purchasing the battery. You should know that basically, any marine battery can last up to 5 years. The life of your battery depends upon the usage and maintenance. If you are doing regular and proper maintenance, you can expect the battery to last for five to six years. Always keep your batteries charged; it will reduce the cost of maintenance. You should always prefer an authentic battery charger. It will save time in charging and it will also increase your boat’s performance.